Voice Text, Text by Voice, and Voice Messenger

A significant update was just released for Voice Text, Text by Voice, and Voice Messenger (formally known as Voice Texting).

This update includes:

  • A new message queue system which allows text messages to be queued up and listened to one after another. This works for previous messages and new ones that arrive during the creation of a message. This workflow is more natural and allows messages to be listened to and responded to in a more useful way.
  • Part two of the update was a new user experience which adds toggles for the primary features of each app right from the main screen. These features can now be toggled from the notifications area, main screen, settings screen or widgets. (Some can also be controlled via Tasker as well.)
  • Changing the background color also controls the color of the listening area so most of the app will be dark. (Will add dark mode to the system dialogs too in time.)
  • Widgets were also updated to be more efficient and allow the background color to be light or dark.
  • Some new flows were added to exit the app via voice. As well as some subtle changes to existing voice commands which make more sense.
  • The app was slimed down with less icons and using Androids new Vector Drawables. So the icons are crisp and clean while keeping the APK smaller.
  • The entire engine which drives the conversations was rewritten to fix some bugs and provide for the message queue feature. This makes picking a person more reliable and improves the conversation quality.
  • Performance was drastically improved with the help of dependency injection (Dagger2) and RXJava. Overall the app was simplified significantly because of these wonderful technologies.
  • Person matching was significantly improved too with the use of some phonetic matching algorithms. Unfortunately this only improves¬†english, but its something.
  • The number of bugs which were found and fixed are embarrassingly large. But most if not all should have been squashed. This improves inconsistencies between features like Driving not working when being turned on/off from the notification or widget area.
  • The last known issue is a bug with Googles Recognition Service which has an open ticket and will likely never be fixed unless it becomes a problem for Google. (Not enough attention or stars on the issue) I’ve added a few workarounds which help the issue to not happen as often but it still happens. Will keep at it but I spend a week on it and couldn’t fix it 100%.
  • Overall the apps are better, more stable going forward, will be simpler to maintain. The features are unmatched and we hope you enjoy Voice Text, Text by Voice, and Voice Messenger.


Matthew at Tuogol

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