Volume Butler 1.1.9

An exciting update for Volume Butler was just released! This update added voice controls to Volume Butler allowing you to apply profiles with just your voice. This feature can be accessed via a shortcut either from within Volume Butler or via your home screen application of choice. Along with this update was a few bug fixes in the WiFi and Bluetooth areas.


Volume Butler 1.1.7

An important update was released for all you Android 4.3 users. Notification Listener support was added to replace the Accessibility Service hack that we have been using. This will allow a much more stable experience to Notifications for Volume Butler.

Also a few fixes were added to this release. Some of which are Location and Driving fixes when rebooting a device. And Ringtones not appearing correctly in the Volume Extras dialog.




Volume Butler 1.1.4

We added some new and exciting tools to Volume Butler. First off is the ability to backup and restore your preferences. Widget colors, settings, and everything on the extras screen can now be backed up and restored! We also put a lot of focus on the ringtones. Some users were having trouble setting their ringtones to “None” so we added two ringtones (One for notifications, one for phone calls). These ringtones are silent and called “VB Silent”. You can apply these ringtones to silence incoming calls or notifications.

Volume Butler 1.1.0

An exciting new update to Volume Butler which adds a new and increadably useful widget! This widget shows the current volumes in a circular fashion and when clicking on a circle you can adjust a single volume or open the profiles screen to apply an audio profile.

Also included in this update are fixes for when notifications being triggered by toast messages. Ringtone fixes to allow users to apply a silent ringtone. Icon updates to match a more Android Holo-esk style. And a few general widget bug fixes.